From Andante, 2010.

Particle3, Inc. provides world wide high-end content, production and technology services with experience of over 7 years and many success stories. We are proud to have been awarded more than 30 prizes, celebrating our narrative films and more than 20 interactive projects, including 4 Gold Cannes Lions Awards, 5 Clio Awards and many more.

Particle3, Inc. is a company driven by the passion for film, explored in artistic endeavors, such as “Andante” and “Paul”, social driven projects such as “Out in the Dark,” or out of the box advertising ventures such as Maccabee Beer feat. Isaiah Mustafa.” Above all, Particle3, Inc. is committed to high production value, while finding creative ways to turn budget limitations into an advantage and provide our audiences and clients with the best possible product.

We have been experimenting with film's capacity to offer non-linear ways of storytelling in recent years. With the advent of technology there are now new and exciting ways to convey a narrative. “Bob Dylan’s - Like a Rolling Stone” interactive music video is a great example of a fantastic concept that uses non-linear means of narration to entertain and engage audiences. With our knowledge and expertise in interactive video platforms, custom programming and UI, we create video experiences to excite, engage, educate and mainly blow your minds.